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Our website uses cookies. Below you can learn more about cookies, how we use them and how to manage them.

By using this website you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this cookie notice. In case you do not consent to their use, please deactivate them, following the instructions of this Notice so that the cookies of this website can not be installed on your electronic device.

The website may use cookies to identify the visitor / user / subscriber of certain services and pages of the website. Cookies are small text files, which are stored on the hard drive of each visitor / user / subscriber and do not receive knowledge of any document or file from this computer. They are used only to facilitate the visitor / user / subscriber access to specific services of the website and for statistical purposes, in order to determine the areas in which the services of the website are useful or popular or for marketing purposes. The visitor / user / subscriber of the website can configure his server (browser) in such a way that, either warns him about the use of cookies in specific services of the website, or does not allow the acceptance of the use of cookies in no way. In case the visitor / user / subscriber of the specific services and pages of the website does not wish the use of cookies for his / her identification, he / she cannot have further access to these services. The website uses Google Analytics cookies for anonymous demographics and interests


Cookies are small text files that are sent to your electronic device when you visit a website. Cookies are sent back with each further visit to the same website or to other websites that recognize them. Cookies act as a memory for a website, allowing the latter to "remember" your electronic device every time you visit that website. Cookies can also "remember" your preferences, improve the user experience as well as adapt the ads presented to your preferences.

You can find more information about cookies including how cookies are installed on your device, how to manage them and how to delete them at



There is a case to use the so-called "temporary" cookies which exist only as long as your web browser is open. We can also use the so-called "persistent" cookies which last for a longer period of time.


The cookies on our website can be used for one of the following purposes.

Purpose and Description

Absolutely Necessary: Cookies which are absolutely necessary in order to provide the services requested by the user.
Performance: Cookies that collect information about how visitors use the website, for example which websites they visit most often and if they receive error messages from the websites.
Functionality: Cookies that allow the website to store the choices made by the user (such as username, language or region) and provide improved, more user-specific information.
Targeting or Advertising: Cookies that are used to promote ads related to the user and his interests. They are also used to limit the frequency with which an ad is viewed by the same user and also help to calculate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.


Our website may allow third party cookies to be installed by the services displayed on the website. These cookies are not under our control. For more information on how third parties use cookies please visit the relevant third party website. Details of any third party cookies used on this website, including their purpose, are listed in the table below.


Below you will find a summary of the cookies used on the website.

Name Purpose Category Duration Origin
azlogin_ Created when the user selects “Remember me” when entering the website. Used to remember the user's email address and password to enter their details automatically in the corresponding fields of the login form Functionality Persistent Installed by the site provider itself
panel-ec Allows you to open and close Panels Functionality Persistent Installed by the web site provider
Cookie_AZ Records user consent to the use of cookies Stubborn functionality Installed by the website provider itself
__utmb Used by Google Analytics to create a session to exchange information and determine the length of stay Execution Transient Installed by third parties through the web provider
__utma Used by Google Analytics to Track Unique Visitors Execution Persistent Installed by Third Parties Through Website Provider
__utmz Used by Google Analytics to store referral information about users's origin / way of entering the site (persistent) Execution Persistent Installed by third parties through the site provider
___utmv Used by Google Analytics to distribute visitors based on demographics Execution Persistent Installed by third parties through the site provider
___utmx Used by Google Analytics to determine the most effective website design Persistent execution Installed by third parties through the website provider


Most web browsers accept cookies, but it is usually possible to change the browser functions to reject new cookies, disable existing ones, or simply notify you when new cookies are sent to your device.

To set your browser to reject cookies, consult the web browser provider (usually in the "Help", "Tools" or "Edit" menus). You can also find more detailed guidance at

Please note that, in case you reject or disable cookies, the functionality of the website may be partially lost. Also, disabling a cookie or cookie category does not delete the cookie from your browser. Such a move should be made by you by changing the internal functions of your browser.


Any changes in the use of cookies by us for this website will be posted here and if necessary, there will be an indication on our websites that will indicate any changes.